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Adam Lashinsky

Fourtune Magazine

Alan Stern

Leader of NASA’s
New Horizons Mission

Albert-lászló Barabási

Director of the Center for
Complex Network Research

Barry Barish

Expert in Gravitational Waves
Professor of Physics at Caltech

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Clay Shirky

American Writer
NYU professor

Kevin Ashton

Father of The Internet of Things

Kevin Kelly

Founding Executive Editor of
Wired Magazine

Peter. H. Diamandis

Founder and Chairman of
the X Prize Foundation

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Ray Kurzweil

American Author
Inventor and Futurist

Robert Scoble

American Blogger
Technical Evangelist and Author

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

Oxford Professor

Michael Jordan

Berkeley Professor
Expert in AI

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Hod Lipson

Professor of engineering
Director of Columbia University's Creative Machines Lab

Kip Thorne

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2017

Alvin Roth

The Nobel Prize in Ecnomic 2012

Michael S. Gazzaniga

"Father"of Cognitive Neuroscience

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Jean Tirole

The Nobel Prize in Ecnomic 2014

Edvard Moser

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014

Shuji Nakamura

Nobel Prize in Physics 2014

Lucy Hawking

Journalist and Novelist
Stephen Hawking's Daughter

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Joachim Frank

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017

F. Duncan M. Haldane

The Nobel Prize in physics 2016

Martin Hellman

2015 A.M. Turing Award Laureate

Tom Kelley

IDEO Partner

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Lisa Randall

Professor of Theoretical Physics, Harvard University

Guy Kawasaki

Silicon-Valley based author

Chris Anderson

Co-founder and current CEO of 3D Robotics
(a drone manufacturing company)

Mark McCaughrean

Senior Advisor for Science & Exploration, European Space Agency (ESA)

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vitalik buterin

Co-founder of Ethereum

Joseph Lubin

Co-Founder of Ethereum

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